The 10th Fleet, a prestigious posting on the Federation/Klingon/Romulan Neutral Zone in a sector called The Triangle, has long been known for making or breaking careers. You have raised through the Ranks and become a member of a ship's command staff within the fleet. The only question is this: Will the 10th Fleet make or break your career?


(Prologue, 2268-2273) USS Bombay (NCC-1806)/(Main, 2271-????) Starbase 10/USS Bombay (NCC-1806): One of the initial 6 Miranda spaceframes completed in 2267, it was the first one to incorporate the modular designs that would allow the Miranda Class to remain commissioned for over a century to come. In the Prologue Arc, it is dispatched to the Triangle Sector for trials while the other 5 are kept in planetary defense fleets for their trials. In the main arc, the repeatedly refitted USS Bombay is attached to Starbase 10 for purposes of Fleet Support, Missions Operations, and other matters. As the Admiral who officially commands Starbase 10 and the 10th Fleet is usually away from the station dealing with various fleet matters and ambassadorial duties with the Klingon Empire, leaving Starbase 10 under control of his XO, who is also the Bombay's captain.

Star Trek Adventures: The 10th Fleet